Yes is Open, Alive, Adventurous, Scary, Passionate, Fun, Exciting and Inspirational.

"Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world."


Have you asked yourself ‘why you can’t get what you want’?

Here’s what I’ve come to learn. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are driving the ‘car’ without the right manual. Our ‘current programming’ was cobbled together a long time ago and it’s very outdated. In fact, so long ago you can’t even remember it happening. Our beliefs, habits and many of our behaviours are learnt between the ages of 0-7 from family, environment and personal experiences, so it’s like running the latest Mac computer with a software called shortcode, the first computer software proposed in 1949.

So what has this got to do with you?

This old programming HOLDS YOU BACK from getting what you want and from being the real you, and keeps you attracting the wrong partners, the wrong jobs, finding yourself reliving the same scenarios and results over and over again.

When you Say Yes to Yourself, you are living in ‘alignment’ with what is important to you, you start to attract the right people and opportunities into your life instead of the wrong ones over and over again. You go from a ‘watered down’ version of yourself to full strength!!!

What if the secret to saying Yes to Yourself was you?

Imagine living honestly and authentically to your desires and values and sharing your talents and skills with the world without the gap.


  • Waking up in 12 months in a new place and feeling deeply alive and connected to the essential parts of you and feeling rock solid confidence in who you are, your decisions, choices and how you execute the things you care about most.and you have a whole new result!
  • Saying Yes to the things you care about the most that actually leads you to love, confidence, belonging to a community you deeply care about, to belief and faith in yourself and the world around you.
  • Creating the next phase of your life with clarity, passion, and purpose and a whole toolkit of new skills and structures to make sure you get where you want to go and have a life that has more meaning and fits you like a glove.
  • Maybe you’ve written that book, learned to love yourself, you’re standing in front of your work at an exhibition, harvesting your vegetable garden, you’ve lost 20 lbs and regained your wellbeing.
  • Someone takes you by the hand and shows you the way out of the maze, you reconnect to something that makes you want to jump out of bed every day and enjoy life again.

Most of our lives we search for love outside of ourselves to have the feeling of completeness but what if you could have that feeling of wholeness on your own?

Yes, Yes, Yes - Say Yes to Yourself is a self-development program that gives you the roadmap to your authentic self - more confidence, joy, and creativity which in turn opens the path to the right life for you. It gives you all the tools, learning, and structures to get out of stuck and get on the road to you!

Please note that it may induce joy and success!!

If you weren't scared, what adventure would you go on?

  • Learn to love yourself
  • Kick your health condition to the curb
  • Start something creative
  • Write a book
  • Become an artist
  • Heal your relationship with money
  • Learn to dance
  • Join a cause you are passionate about
  • Learn to love life again
  • Build a home
  • Leave the city
  • Leave your job or a toxic relationship
  • Stop playing small
  • Have your own creative space
  • Launch your new career
  • Become more adventurous
  • Learn to love life again
  • Wring every ounce of juice out of life
  • Fill in yours...


How do I figure out what I want?

"How do I stop that voice inside my head from telling me, 'I'm too old, I'm too late,' or 'I can't do it?'"

"How do I organise my time to make it happen?"

"I feel like I put everyone’s priorities before my needs, and no matter how good my intentions are, I still don’t get what I want done."

"How do I have the courage to ask for what I need?"

"I start things but I seem to get tripped up."

"I’m tired of trying to figure it out on my own."

It’s my greatest joy to share with you a proven structure to help you let go of your old beliefs, habits, and behaviours and support you on this journey to creating a life you love. 

If you don’t have a plan to follow, somewhere to go to ask important questions, it can be easy to make critical mistakes, get off track, and never end up getting what you want. 

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!


Yes, Yes, Yes - Say Yes To Yourself

A life-changing group coaching program that will take you through the step-by-step process to uncover your deepest desires, what’s holding you back and how to  have the courage to live in authenticity. 

YES, YES, YES will reconnect you to your true voice and desires, your passion, confidence, creativity, and to a deep sense of belonging (to life and you). It will shine a light into areas of your life you’ve never considered important and assist you to bring to life what you want to say YES to, whether it be your passion, a project, your long-held dream, or the next step in life through a structured roadmap, learning, and focus.

There is no theory here, the YES, YES, YES Roadmap is tried and tested at the ‘coalface of life’ by over 100+ participants. It’s packed with excitement, motivation, learnings, insights, live calls, videos, audio, reading list, structures, practical creative exercises to anchor in your learnings, and recorded interviews with guest experts.

It’s created to nurture you and your true desires, to support you in finding the courage to follow your heart and come ALIVE. To stand with pride in your shoes from a place of confidence and authenticity and have the skills to create your life with intention.

And I use the magic of the creative process! Each module has a fun creative exercise that works an extra layer of alchemy. Creativity is where the conscious meets the unconscious and in doing the exercises, you gain new insights and aha's!!!



  • You feel like life ‘there should be more’, more meaning, depth, connection, love and joy in your life.
  • You’re tired of waking up in the same place year after year and ready to embrace change.
  • You start projects but your lack of confidence haunts you and most of them never get across the finish line.
  • You’ve got a rockstar idea but you don’t have a practical plan on how to execute it from start to finish without running into your old beliefs that pull up ‘your freight train of enthusiasm’ yet again.
  • Your life has just changed dramatically, you’ve lost your partner/job, possibly a divorce and everything you’ve known has changed and you can’t figure out how to re envision the next part.
  • Life happens to you instead of you guiding your life, which means that year after year your result is never truly what you want.
  • You wish someone would take you by the hand and show you the way out of the maze and reconnect you to something that makes you want to jump out of bed everyday and enjoy life again.
  • You wish you could find your soul sisters instead of feeling like you don’t belong.




"In January 2019, I said yes to myself and enrolled in Carla’s Yes, Yes, Yes program. Feeling overwhelmed with changes I knew I had to make, I quickly realized that I first needed to focus on my health and well being. With a backdrop of learnings, insights, creative exercises, reading lists, coaching calls, and more, in just five months, I lost 27 pounds and regained my energy and zest for life."

Bonnie M.

"Carla’s Yes, Yes, Yes program, was the best thing to happen to me in a long time. At the time, I was at a very very low point. In the previous years, I’d battled cancer, closed a business, my husband had an affair and left and I had just lost my job. I felt like I would never be happy again.

Now, joy is seeping back into my life, I’m at peace and I feel like ME again and I haven’t even completed all the modules yet! Using the success stories of the fellow participants to motivate me and the modules and readings to empower me, I started to trust in myself and my future. I have just opened my first art exhibition and been offered my dream job. I’m so excited for the future; I’ll be unstoppable. I found my ‘gift in the garbage’ and have been able to heal and believe in such a short time because of Carla and her program."

Loretta H.




  • Lacking confidence in your direction and decisions
  • Feeling unsure and lost about the next part of your life
  • No plan when you wake up each on how to achieve what you want
  • Disempowered around your ability to make money and create wealth
  • Feeling chaotic and overwhelmed about how you use your time
  • Unconscious about your thoughts, actions and language and what results it gets you
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Distrustful and unsure about the partners you choose in life
  • Feeling unloved
  • Unable to finish projects
  • Feeling like you don’t belong to the world you are currently in


  • Have a plan, new tools & skills to move in the direction of what you want
  • Have clarity around what brings meaning to the next phase of your life
  • Understanding your core values and what is important to you which helps you make the right choices and decisions for you
  • Transformed old money beliefs and a new money story where you are willing to receive and create wealth
  • Organised with new tools and skills on how to use your time and resources  to get the right support
  • Conscious about your thoughts and how they create your reality and the ability to change your state of being
  • A new relationship with yourself and building your self-esteem each day
  • Understanding patterns of behaviour that have held you back from attracting the right partner
  • Feeling loved and supported
  • Using both your masculine and feminine energies to finish projects
  • Deep sense of belonging to yourself, the YYY community and an internal rudder that you know where you are going



  • Detox your life and create space to get ready for the time ahead
  • Rocket launcher reading list to unlock valuable knowledge
  • Get creative & see the areas of your life that need more love, energy and attention


  • Time is one of your most precious resources yet we have so few tools around using it.
  • Set yourself up for success by starting a new relationship with time
  • Embrace a new mindset, structures and resources you can apply to your business and life straightaway


  • Our choices direct our life but so many decisions we make are simply reacting not choosing.
  • This module is ‘the beginners guidebook’ on how to operate as a spiritual being so you can guide your life consciously everyday
  • Start by finding out the foundations of who you are
  • Tools to change your mindset, wake up everyday with intention and see how your life starts to change almost immediately


  • Rediscover your unique talents, meaning, passion and creativity and connect to your deepest desires
  • Understand your why
  • Gain clarity on the phase of your life & how you want to create it


  • Every great outcome needs a simple plan to get there
  • Create your plan and build habits to support your YES
  • Tips and tools to make any objective possible & to shift your mindset


  • Uncover the unconscious beliefs, blocks and habits that run your show & hold you back from living the life you love
  • Transform your beliefs and develop new habits to support your YES so you can get what you want
  • Reconnect to your confidence and self-esteem by getting to know the foundational pieces of YOU which will make your choices and decisions in alignment with your goal.


  • Let go of old beliefs that are keeping you broke, tired and exhausted
  • Allow true abundance and wealth into your life
  • Re-write your money story and reconnect to your money joy


  • Creativity is where your conscious and unconscious meet and gives you a deeper connection to yourself
  • How you can stand out using your creativity and believing in what you are attracted to is enough.
  • Deepen your relationship with your creativity to live a creative life.


  • True transformation requires energy
  • In this module written by Naturopath Francesco Cataldi he shares how to bring your wellbeing back into harmony
  • Enjoy our bonus breathwork with Athalee Brown of Madly Calm


  • Reconnecting to the superpowers of being a woman
  • Deepen your relationship with your intuition and emotional intelligence
  • Learn to balance your masculine and feminine energies so that you can have more grace and ease in getting what we want


  • Joy, beauty, and pleasure can enhance our state of being in a positive way and not only bring joy to our life but improve your wellbeing.
  • Reconnecting to your joy, beauty and pleasure to live life more wholeheartedly
  • Following the path of least resistance


  • In this module, you discover how to tap into your adventurous side & embrace curiosity as a resource.
  • Adventure takes you out of your comfort zone, opens the road to opportunities, growth and knowledge.
  • Discover your next adventure and how far you have come on the inside and the outside since you dove into module 1!



Each module has a fun creative exercise that works an extra layer of magic, creativity is where the conscious meets the unconscious and in doing the exercises you gain new insights and aha's!!!



Madly Calm's Athalee Brown

Athalee shares her breathwork videos and audios. 

Creator Domenica More Gordon

Domenica shares her insights on embracing creativity and taking a creative idea and making it real.

Illustrator Kerrie Hess

Kerrie opens up about creativity and having an authentic brand and how she created a life and business from her zone of genius in her own unique feminine way.

Stylist Kate Taylor

Kate talks about style and how your outer world influences your inner world.


You join our divine group of women who will support you on your journey to getting what you want. This is a sacred space where you can be yourself, come and get the questions to your answers and the support to realise your dreams that you may be missing in your current life.

Daily access to our private Facebook group of amazing women from around the world who are all saying Yes to themselves.


  • Recorded Interviews with guests who will inspire you with their knowledge on specific materials such Breathwork teacher Athalee Brown, Maker Domenica More Gordon, Illustrator Kerrie Hess, and Stylist Kate Taylor.
  • The YES, YES, YES private membership site where your materials will be delivered week by week.
  • A private Facebook group of 125+ like-minded women who have already said YES TO THEMSELVES. You will receive daily inspiration to keep you on track and saying YES to your desires.


"I would never be here, sitting in my new home in Venice, writing this if it wasn’t for Carla! Her kind, inspiring, and most importantly, motivating way to look at life made me believe it was possible. I think over time if we don’t take action, life starts to feel smaller and smaller. Carla helped me see that this wasn’t inevitable. I just needed to take small steps each day to open up the world to me."

Bridget G.

"It sounds so dramatic, but I really thought life had passed me by. I had no motivation, no plans & no confidence. My life was the ultimate ‘Groundhog Day’. I was comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. Being middle aged, I thought I was far too old to start anything. I decided my life was going to be spent supporting and encouraging my children chase their dreams and passions. However, my instincts kept telling me there was more to life.

During this past year, I have returned to my first love, photography. I am preparing to travel overseas to document a number of not for profit programs in Africa and Borneo. I have been published in a double spread in the Sydney Morning Herald and my portrait images have been used in an album cover. I am also starting my own portrait business.

Carla has given me the courage and confidence to fully participate in life again. My advice is to show up, dive in and stay at it. Life is too short not too."

Nina Y.



  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO YES, YES, YES!! You can do Yes, Yes, Yes as many times as you want as you and your goals change. You get to move forward year by year with a group of women who have said Yes to themselves and be part of a supportive community to help you bring your dreams to life.
  • 12 Powerful Modules that will inspire, motivate, and challenge you with videos, audio’s and fillable PDFs.
  • Bi-monthly GROUP video calls with Carla Coulson where you get your questions answered.
  • Access to a private Facebook group of like-minded women who have already said YES TO THEMSELVES. You will receive daily inspiration to keep you on track and saying YES to your desires.


Pay in Full

€877.00 Euros


6 Monthly Payments

€166.00 Euros per Month


"Towards the middle of the course, I felt as if I was literally creating new neural pathways. A sense of understanding that I had ended up in these situations in life, because of my thoughts and my programming, and understanding finally that if I re-program these negative thoughts, my reality will soon start to shift accordingly. It was a divine moment of understanding our own power and it turned absolutely everything around for me. "

Linda K.

"Buckle up!

Be prepared to be brave, honest, vulnerable and to do the work.

Find your voice, listen attentively and trust it.

Distilled… this is what Yes, Yes, Yes means to me.

Starting ‘yes’ I was unsure of how to progress with photography. I’ve taken photographs since being a teenager and largely kept them to myself. It sounds simple enough and yet for me, this was deeply challenging because it meant overcoming self-doubt, perfectionism, fear, loathing and more blocks. Two of my photos are among the final group of 30 in the Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women 2019. I couldn’t have imagined this outcome when starting Yes, Yes, Yes, I am so grateful to Carla and the Yes Sisterhood."

Sarah V.




Holistic Approach

We take your YES (what you want) and treat it in a holistic way, so that it isn’t a band-aid effect but brings true transformation to important areas of your life such as health, creativity, your beliefs, your relationship with time and money so you reconnect to your passion, creativity and bring true meaning to your life.



Each module has a fun creative exercise that assists you in grounding in what you want or accessing parts of your unconscious that you are unaware of. It allows you to connect even further to what you truly desire, think, feel and want.


It Works

Over 125+ women have passed through the program. There is no theory here, the YES, YES, YES roadmap is tried and tested at the ‘coalface of life’ by myself and many other women.


We Care

Changing your life and getting results is important to me as the ripple effect is far and wide. It influences you, your family, your friends and even our beautiful planet. I’ve created a supportive community, resources, and interviews to keep you motivated and supported on your journey.


I'm Carla and I'm obsessed with you living your best life.

Yes, Yes, Yes was born out of one of the most stressful, heartbreaking times of my life, and it was also the most exciting, liberating, and creative time of my life. In between the tears and being curled up in the foetal position, I had big ideas, I would scribble them down, they came in fast and furious and I knew exactly how to get out of there and I WANTED TO TAKE OTHER WOMEN WITH ME. I had one epiphany after another.

I wanted to scream from the highest mountain what I knew and share with others and help them live the lives they love and get out of wherever they were, even if it was simply stuck, not on the floors in tears.

Many people can teach you to take photos and it’s my joy also to teach that, but I feel my calling is something greater, to teach you how to have the courage to be a photographer or life you live the love where you show up as the real you.

My Background

I’m a Certified Creative Coach and Photographer who walks her talk. I’ve transformed my life numerous times. At 35, I moved from Sydney to Florence and left behind a business to become a photographer. In 2005, I moved to Paris and have worked with some of the worlds’ best magazines. I also published my first book Italian Joy, my pictorial story of reconnecting to a simple life in Italy and falling in love with photography. I loved creating books and shortly after, I published a further two books of my own and my work has been published in a further 6 books with Penguin.

In 2014, thanks to 3 auto-immunes and a big case of burnout, I had the chance to take a look at how I was doing life and went on a natural health journey to restore my health and wellbeing! This inspired me so much I became a certified life coach so I could learn the skills, structures, and tools to help others transform their lives. I’ve since helped hundreds of women reconnect to their creativity, purpose, and joy by helping them say Yes to themselves and their deepest desires.

I live in Paris with my husband and cat and still love photography and all the joy that living a life you love brings.

I hope we meet soon.


Is Yes, Yes, Yes for me?

I believe everybody could do this program and benefit from it. It’s really designed for people who have a project or dream they want to bring to life, for peeps who want to live life wholeheartedly and want the missing pieces so they can move in that direction with joy. It can benefit you if your YES is to move country, take up something creative, heal wounds and love again, re-design the next part of your life, do business in a new way, take your creativity to the next level, gain more confidence, get out of their comfort zone, bust open the blocks standing in your way and live a life authentic to you. It’s for those who want to re-engage with life again and make the coming years the best part of their life.

Why do you cover so many areas?

I have learned that true transformation is holistic. All parts of our lives are entwined and if we only transform one part, the others remain there to trip us up when something triggers us. Our bodies, health, mind and spirit need to work together in unison and harmony for us to have the energy, vitality and joy to take the inspired action.

What tools do I need to participate?

You need access to a computer to watch our videos and work on the online workbooks, or if you prefer to work offline, to download our PDFs. We have lots of fun and each module ends with a basic creative exercise to help you anchor in your transformation – nothing special is needed you get to choose how you want to express yourself creatively.

How many hours will I need to devote to the program?

You can work at your own pace and what is possible for you to reflect on the questions, watch the teaching videos, do the practical exercises and required reading. Everyone's life is different and no two people are at the same place ever in life or in this program.

Will Yes, Yes, Yes really help me get what I desire?

It only depends on two things: if you are ready for change and to do the work. All the previous participants of Yes, Yes, Yes have achieved their desires and more because they were ready for change, they were done with playing second best and they did the work. You will too if you are willing to do these two things.

When does Yes, Yes, Yes start?

You get instant access to the program the moment you enroll. It only depends on two things: if you are ready for change and to do the work. You will also be invited to join our community on Facebook where you can meet me and our tribe.

Our group live calls are held bi-monthly on Mondays at 9:00 PM (Central European Time) during the winter months and then at 12:30 PM CEST when clocks change in the Spring.

What does LIFETIME ACCESS to Yes, Yes, Yes mean?

When you enroll to Yes, Yes, Yes, you receive lifetime access to the program (for as long as it exists). You gain access to the Facebook group and can do Yes, Yes, Yes as many times as you want as you and your goals change. You get to move forward year by year with a group of women who have said Yes to themselves and be part of a supportive community to help you bring your dreams to life.

How do I join Yes, Yes, Yes?

Simply click on the payment option of your choice and you are in! You will receive a welcome letter straight away with instructions on how to access the program and an email on how to join our private Facebook group.

What's the investment to join?

The Pay In Full option is €877 Euros, or you can take advantage of the 6-month payment plan of €166 Euros per month.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! If you find that the course is somehow not a good fit for you, send us an email WITHIN 7 days of your purchase and I will refund your money. After 7 days, I don’t offer refunds, but you can access the modules for life (as long as the course exists).

I have tried other programs before and they didn't work.

Not all programs are the same but what I would ask you is: Did you do the work? I have a saying that goes ‘the Magic is in the doing.' All transformation requires action so you need to be willing to do the work. Maybe check in with yourself what didn’t work with the other program.

How much access do I have with Carla?

You will have the opportunity to join a bi-monthly group call to give everyone the chance to regularly connect with myself and the group live. You can ask me any question that will help you on your path, they can relate to beliefs, creativity, health, wellbeing, structures, the modules or anything to do with your transformation. You will also have daily access to me in our private Facebook group.

Group Zoom Video Calls

All participants have access to group video calls with me done on the video-conferencing app Zoom where questions regarding the work will be addressed or on any subject of your choice. All calls in the program will be recorded.

Our group live calls are held bi-monthly on Mondays at 9:00 PM (Central European Time) during the winter months and then at 12:30 PM CEST when clocks change in the Spring.


"I had become so lost in my life (in others lives mainly) that I couldn't even answer what my YES was for a good part of this course, so my YES became about finding my YES!! Of course, I had many many YES's there but I was too afraid to want them or to allow them or even to say them out loud, I felt stupid and selfish.

In five months, I've gone from spending most days laying alone in bed with chronic pain to being up and about, travelling, walking up mountains, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, laughing, making new friends and dreaming new dreams (and re-igniting some old ones).

I learnt to use my internal compass of YES or NO to direct me to my best life and it is becoming clearer and clearer."

Melissa F.


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